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PlayersOnly Poker is pleased to offer a wide variety of tournament formats and games available to you 24 hours a day! In addition to being a fun and exciting way to gain a greater all-round poker experience, tournaments are also a powerful way to build your bankroll and get a great return on a minimal investment. In a tournament, as opposed to a live ring-game, the most money one can risk is the buy-in for that tournament. All players start with the same amount of chips and play continues until one player has won all the chips. Tournament chips have no cash value. Tournaments are available in all the poker games we offer; Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Studand Stud Hi-Lo.

We offer Multi-table, Sit & Go, & Heads-up tournaments in various Freeze-out, Re-buy and Shoot-out formats. We also offer satellite tournaments to gain entry into much bigger events and freerolls that cost nothing to enter. Please see the tournament lobby for the exact details and rules for each tournament.

$250,000.00 Guaranteed Tournament every month

Don't miss our $250,000.00 guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em Tournament, taking place at least once a month. Watch the tournament lobby for details on this great event!

$100,000.00 Guaranteed Tournament every week

Don't miss our $100,000.00 guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em Tournament, taking place this Sunday.

Don't miss your chance to walk away with a ton of cash! Login to the poker room and check the Tournament lobby for more details.

NEW. Re-buy and Add-on Tournaments

A Re-buy & Add-on tournament allows for players to Re-buy and/or Add-on additional chips during the game. These tournaments have a predetermined Re-buy period but generally it is during the first hour of play up until the end of the first break. During the Re-buy period each player is allowed a fixed number or unlimited number of Re-buys depending how the tournament has been set up

Click here for more details.

A Re-buy is permitted during the Re-buy period only when a player's chip count is equal to or less than the amount of chips the player had at the start of the tournament. For example, if players were given 1500 chips at the beginning of the tournament they may purchase a Re-buy ONLY if their chip count is less than or equal to 1500 chips. This means that if a player loses all of their chips in any hand during the Re-buy period they can remain active in the tournament by purchasing a Re-buy of additional chips. The cost of a Re buy and the number of chips provided is generally the same as the cost of the original buy-in and number of chips provided when the tournament begins. Check the tournament information for details.

An Add-on will be available during the first five minute break of a Re-buy &Add-on tournament. All players that are still active in the tournament will have the option to purchase an Add-on of additional chips regardless of how many chips they have at the time. The cost of an Add-on is generally the same as the cost of the original buy-in. The number of chips provided with an Add-on is the same or more than the original buy-in. Check the tournament information for details.

Re-buys and Add-ons can be purchased by clicking on their respective buttons located at the Dealer chip tray or by clicking on the Dealer chip tray itself and then clicking the Add Chips button. There is no additional fee paid by the player when Re-buys and Add-ons are purchased which means that all Re buys and Add-ons are added to the tournament prize pool. The total prize pool and the payout structure will not be finalized until both the Re-buy and Add-on periods have closed.

For complete details regarding on any tournament open the tournament Lobby and click the Tournament Information button.



Current Tournaments

Bounty Tournaments

In poker, there's nothing quite as satisfying as busting another player out of a tournament. Well here at playersonly.net Poker we're proud to offer 'Bounty tournaments' where each player has a cash bounty on their head. Bust someone and the cash is yours! These unique tournaments place 1/2 of the tourney buy-in into the main prize pool . The other 1/2 is put into a special bounty prize pool. For each player you knock out you'll receive 1/2 of the tourney buy-in. For example, in a $10 buy-in tournament, each player you bust out will earn you $5. These tournaments will have the word 'Bounty' in their name. Enjoy!

Guaranteed Tournaments

$5,000,000.00 In Guaranteed Tournament Prize Money Every Month

This month at playersonly.net Poker we're guaranteeing $5,000,000.00 in tournament prize money. Each day we're offering various buy-in tournaments with various guaranteed levels of prize money. If the buy-in prize pool does not reach the guaranteed amount, playersonly.net Poker will make up for the shortfall.

We also host a very special $250,000.00 guaranteed event at least once a month. Watch the tournament lobby for details on this great event!

Check out our guaranteed tournament schedule below. This is subject to change so please check the poker room for the latest details.

Click here to download this month's guaranteed tournament schedule


Gold Chip Giveaway Tournaments

Have you been playing and accumulating Gold Chips? Here’s a great way to convert your Gold Chips into instant cash. We’ll be running the following daily, weekly and monthly giveaway tournaments that only accept Gold Chips for entry. Enter one today!

• Daily Gold Chip Satellites

Win a seat into one of our big tournaments through these Gold Chip satellites. For only a few Gold Chips you could be on your way to winning thousands!

• Weekly Gold Chip $3,000.00 Giveaway

Prize Pool = $5,000.00
When = 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of each month (Start times vary)
Buy-in = 15 Gold Chips or 5 Gold Chip R&A

• Monthly Gold Chip $10,000.00 Giveaway

Prize Pool = $15,000.00
When = 1st Saturday of each month (4:30pm ET)
Buy-in = 50 Gold Chips or 20 Gold Chip R&A

To find out how many Gold Chips you have, click on the ‘Gold Chips’ tab under the REWARDS section in the poker lobby.

Click here to learn more about Gold Chips.

Login to the Poker Room for the latest tournament times and details.


Gold Card Giveaway Tournaments

Have you been winning Gold Cards by playing in our real money ring games? Each time you’re dealt cards, one or both of the first 2 cards you are dealt may transform into a Gold Card at the end of the hand even if you folded your cards during the hand! These cards give you the chance to enter cash tournaments for free. Each week we are running 4 prize pool tournaments totaling over $2,500.00 limited to Gold Card entry.

Login to the Poker Room for the latest
tournament times and details.



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